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Independent Baptist Churches

February 11, 2014

“I could not support probably 90% of the Independent Baptist churches, and they probably would not support me. Most of them do not stand where I stand on a variety of issues I consider important. I have made these clear in my books and articles. I fear that Independent Baptist churches in general, as a movement, are biblically shallow, frightfully uneducated on serious issues; idolatrously man-centered, carnal, and hypocritical. Some are near cult-like in granting unquestioning loyalty to a man. Many practice a Quick Prayerism type of “soul winning” that inoculates more people to genuine salvation and thus damns more people to hell than the number of those that are truly “won.” Many hold to a goofy Ruckmanite belief that the KJV itself was given by inspiration, is advanced revelation, and is itself the unchangeable Word of God, confusing dots over i’s and crosses over t’s in English with the jots and tittles of Hebrew, though they refuse to tell us which edition of the KJV is absolutely infallible. Many Independent Baptist churches are no different in character today than the nearly lifeless Southern Baptist church I grew up in: they don’t believe in separation; in fact they hate and ridicule separation; they love the world and its pop culture and would hate any preacher that tried to reprove them; most of the young people appear by all biblical signs to be lost and the leaders and people are unconcerned because “they’ve prayed the prayer”; the preaching is powerless; the vision and passion for Christ’s Great Commission is almost non-existent.”

– David Cloud