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February 23, 2014

Proclaiming and explaining the Word

February 14, 2014

Moreover, instead of confronting the world with the truth of Christ, the market-driven megachurches are enthusiastically promoting the worst trends of secular culture. Feeding people’s appetite for entertainment only exacerbates the problems of mindless emotion, apathy, and materialism. Quite frankly, it is difficult to conceive of a ministry philosophy more contradictory to the pattern our Lord gave us.
Proclaiming and explaining the Word for the maturing and holiness of believers should be the heart of every church’s ministry. If the world looks at the church and sees an entertainment center, we’re sending the wrong message. If Christians view the church as an amusement parlor, the church will die. One dear woman, struggling in a church that has embraced all the modern fads, recently complained, “When is the church going to stop trying to entertain the goats and get back to feeding the sheep?”

– John MacArthur (1993). Ashamed of the gospel : When the Church becomes like the world