Many Christians believe the humanistic lie that when people’s needs are met, they will be good, loving people. Through the influence of humanistic psychology, they believe that people sin because their needs are not met. Some say that teenagers rebel because their needs have not been met. However, Scripture does not bear this out. Adam and Eve had it all. There was no need in their lives that was not being met to its very fullest, and yet they chose to sin, have their own way, disbelieve God, believe a lie, and love self more than God. They followed both the words and example of Satan, who as Lucifer had it all: beauty, power, authority and all that an archangel could have and be. But Lucifer wanted to be God. And what about Israel? The more their needs were met, the less they relied on God. The more their needs were met, the more sinful they became. (James Dobson’s Gospel of Self-Esteem & Psychology, by Martin and Deidre Bobgan, pgs. 61-62)

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