A CAREFUL LOOK AT The New King James Bible


The following is an excerpt from: “A CAREFUL LOOK AT The New King James Bible” by M. H. Reynolds, Jr.:

Dr. Arthur Farstad, chairman of the NKJV Executive Review Committee which had the responsibility of final text approval, stated that this committee was about equally divided as to which was the better Greek New Testament text – the Textus Receptus or the Westcott-Hort.  Apparently, none of them believed that either text was the Divinely Preserved Word of God. Yet, all of them participated in a project to “protect and preserve the PURITY AND ACCURACY” of the original KJV based on the TR.  Is not this duplicity of the worst kind, coming as it did from supposedly “evangelical” scholars?

FURTHER DUPLICITY IS REVEALED IN THE PREFACE OF THE NKJV and in a 16-page history of the KJV printed at the end. On page vi of the preface, NKJV readers are given the following erroneous information: “There is only one basic New Testament used by Protestants, Roman Catholics, and Orthodox, by conservatives and liberals.” THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE! There are two basic New Testament texts – the Divinely preserved Textus Receptus from which the original KJV was translated and the Satanically corrupted Westcott-Hort Text (and its revisions) which form the basis of all other modern Bible versions.




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