Revival of sorcery


A Trojan Horse Inside the Church?

“Even the leading cult-watchers have generally failed to recognize the Trojan horse that has penetrated both the church and their own ranks and is seducing from within.  Strangely enough, most of today’s Christian leaders who rightly cry so mightily against so many evils are saying little if anything about the revival of sorcery that is sweeping both the secular world and the church. In many cases it reflects a lack of awareness or naivete, and in some cases an unwillingness to admit their own involvement. Why is this? It is because most Christians are so uninformed about occultism that they wouldn’t recognize it except in its most blatant forms. Nor do very many
Christians seem to understand the passages in the Bible forbidding occult practices, so they cannot recognize sorcery on that basis either.”

– Dave Hunt


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