Christ is the foundation to Christianity


Christ is the foundation to Christianity; & Freud is the foundation to psychology. Many different groups & teachings have sprang from the teachings of Christ, and so it is w/ Freud also.

…If its shrinks are its priests & it is a religion of the state, just think about how your tax dollars support this religion in many ways.

While Christ as a foundation has proven to be a solid rock, Freud has proven to be shifting sands, and yet he remains the foundation to state education & curriculums (like values clarification) & counselors, our govt.’s Dept. of Mental Health & Dept. of Social Services, our prison & court psychologists, and even the counseling of thousands of our Christian ministers. The Amer. Assoc. of Pastoral Counselors, with over 3,000 protestant pastors & Cath. Clergy as members, is based on Freud’s psychoanalysis. (By the way, it was minister/33rd degree Freemason Norman Vincent Peale in the ‘30’s who brought psychoanalysis & Christian counseling together.) While Christ’s teachings have stood the test of time but are banned from our schools, the values clarification system was adopted by Amer. schools while unproven & only a few years old.
One of the central teachings of Christ is to love your neighbor as yourself. Freud taught that this was impossible, & that agape love was needless self-sacrifice. Instead of loving one’s neighbor, Freud believed that sober thinking meant that the neighbor had a far more “claim to my hostility & even my hatred.”(Freud. Civilization & Its Discontents, NY: W.W. Norton, 1961, p. 67)

….the foundation to the “social science” that is used to make certain individuals to be experts who are assigned almost godlike power…power like the power to banish anyone to a medieval-like torture dungeon called a mental hospital. The power to decide if someone is to be labeled w/ some crazy label. Is it any surprise that so many of these shrinks have been Illum. members & have participated in trauma-based total mind control?
It would be ridiculous to claim that psychology doesn’t have some proven truths. Unfortunately, the unproven theories & dogmas of psychoanalysis & psychology are woven into Amer. culture & thought. Many people today no longer have a coherent unified worldview, but grab whatever is handy to use for the moment from whatever they see in the moment to use. Free men need to be responsible, & not just lazily grab whatever thinking comes along.

– Fritz Springmeier


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