Good and evil


“The church leaders abandoned their struggle between good and evil and slowly the people in this country began to attribute their blessings not so much to God, but to men: for many, God was put in the back seat of the church and man elevated himself to be his own god.  Drowning themselves in materialism, self-centeredness and vain deceit the church has departed from God’ truth.  Human wisdom and philosophy always leads one away from Christ.  The church began to disguise sin with new terminology.  What God called drunkenness, today the church calls alcoholism; God said it was a sin, but today the church calls it is a disease.  What God called sodomy; the church calls being gay.  God calls it a perversion, and abomination, but the church calls it an altered lifestyle.  What God called immorality; the church is calling it a new morality.  God calls lying, cheating, stealing, a sin but in todays’ church they are called abnormal social behavior.”

– Cisco Wheeler


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