The old nature lives for entertainment of self. It looks for things that are fun. … The problem is that God did not create us primarily to have fun. He created us to serve Him. That means work. He created us to glorify Him. That means being oriented to please Him rather than ourselves. He created us to do what is right. That means placing doing what I ought above doing what I want. Now, do not misunderstand me. I am not preaching against fun. Fun in and of itself is not intrinsically evil, but we have a culture and a generation surrounding us today that has essentially made fun their goal in life. …

Discipline in general and self-discipline in particular force us to do what we ought to do whether it is fun or not. ….

Beware of the fun philosophy that seems to prevail in our culture. It is anti-spiritual and anti-Christian in character. … Fun is a natural desire of the flesh. Never let it prevail as a matter of course and habit (Training Your Children to Turn out Right, by David Sorenson pp. 42, 43, 45).


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