Baptist preachers


“.. fundamental Baptist preachers claim to follow Christ and His Word alone, but after 39 years of experience in these circles I am convinced that most follow a crowd instead (e.g., one’s associates in some fellowship or mission or other organization, one’s fellow graduates of a certain school, some “good old boy’s network” of Bible conference speakers, one’s fellow admirers of some influential pastor). When this is the case, the crowd determines the preacher’s position on “non-essential” doctrines and practices (falsely so called). ……

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6).

Another reason why a large percentage of fundamental Baptist churches will be well down the emerging path in 20 years is that there is widespread ignorance about important issues such as contemporary music, New Evangelicalism, the Southern Baptist Convention, Reformed theology, reconstructionism,charismaticism, Neo-orthodoxy, Darwinian and theistic evolution, contemplative mysticism, and the emerging church.”

– David Cloud


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